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About Us

Ikram Gıda started its commercial life in Rami Kuru Gıda Sitesi in 1998. Our firm that is operating in Istanbul market with products manufactured in production location located at Gemlik Olive Bazaar has became one of the firms having a say in olive sector by providing customer satisfaction and confidence in a short time. 


Foundation of modern facilities having 10 tons of olive processing capacity daily, having 6000 square meters of area whose 3500 square meters are closed area was laid in Umurbey Organized Industrial Site instead of former production location started to fall short for requirements of firm as physical capacity in 2002. With completion of construction in 2003, whole production was moved to this new facility and targets grew with increasing production capacity.


Our firm which moved its operational headquarter to Mega Center Food Center in 2005 for adapting to changing market conditions over time and completing its corporate identity is able to appeal to national and local retail chains with its marketing network it established, also it gave franchises all over the world.


Our firm incorporating “Köy sefası” brand into its body for covering the demands coming from particularly our citizens living in abroad in 2010 has became one of the important suppliers in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom and Switzerland markets in a short time. Our firm is in the position of export leader particularly in plastic bottle group and targets sector leadership in the whole Europe with its ever-increasing product range.


Our firm which stores a large part of products it sells throughout the year in its own facilities during the harvest period easily replies to demands of dealers as soon as possible.